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The mission of compassionate creative coaching is to evoke your highest most creative self through play, rest, meditation, curiosity, increased sense of safety, and self-compassion.

Shanna approaches the creative coaching process from a holistic compassion-based lens. She uses a combination of Internal Family Systems inspired coaching techniques, components of The Artist's Way, and 16 years of experience being a writer, performer, producer, video editor, and podcaster.


Clients are invited to cultivate a daily journaling practice as well as a 5-minute meditation practice. Prospective clients can expect each session to be an hour of co-creation, laughter, and a gentle excavation of the Negative Core Beliefs that are standing in your way of becoming more of who you truly are. 

Who is creative coaching for? Do I have to be a Creative with a capital C to work with you?  


The short answer is Everyone and No. It's very hard to make something when you feel stuck in survival mode surrounded by old stories and identities that no longer align. Whether you're making a play, song, or a change in career. Living in Survival feels like living inside a 12-inch black and white television. Just enough room to exist but not enough space to truly stretch out and Live. I work with people who want and are committed to Living in full technicolor. If that sounds like you, or who you want to be, drop me a line below. Let's play!

What if I'm still not sure?


I offer a money-back guarantee. If after our first session you don't think Creative Coaching is right for you, you will receive a FULL refund. That's how much I believe in this work. You have nothing to lose.

I can't afford 1:1 coaching, but still want to work with you. What should I do? 


One of my goals is to make coaching services more financially accessible. That's why I run Forward, an online creative coaching group, that costs almost 40% less than 1:1 plans. You can learn more about Forward here. I also facilitate Together Apart, an online support group for singles living alone during Covid-19. Sessions are drop in and priced on a sliding scale. You can learn more about Together Apart here!

I'm interested but have a few more questions, how do I get in touch with you?

Schedule a free 20 minute consultation below!

The one thing I had wished I had when starting a new creative project, freelancing, or life change was a group of like-minded folks pushing me forward. So I’m creating that space. Forward is an online creative coaching group designed specifically for current and prospective creators, freelancers, and small business owners. If you are committed to move forward, this group is for you. It is open to all, but to keep the group focused and intimate there are only 6 spots available. 


In it we will focus on establishing a daily practice, increasing mindfulness, defining our purpose and aligning our everyday actions, business, and creations with it. There's gonna be a healthy dose of Journaling, Artist Dates, accountability, and plenty of fun! We will also cheer each other on, identify our blocks, and pool our resources to move each other Forward in our brilliance.



Forward will meet online every other week for a total of eight sessions. 

Forward Schedule


What's Included

Eight group coaching sessions

Assigned Accountability Partner

Access to the Forward Online Group Forum


Forward is $55 per session/$110 per month. 


Registration is currently closed, however it is strongly encouraged you fill out the form below to be notified when the next session starts. 
Private Group Coaching
If you have an existing small group that would benefit from working with, Shanna please contact her via the form below to schedule a time to discuss your needs.
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