5 Tips To Get You Meditating

Many of you know I am obsessed with meditation. I do it every single day. I write them, I guide them. I live laugh love meditation. It was and is a huge healing tool for me. It is also a practice that I support all of my clients establishing. Many folks have told me that they want to start a practice but they don’t know how/aren’t good at it/insert blocked statement here. Below is a handy dandy list to help you work through some of your concerns, because IMHO meditation is for everyone!

1. Check Your Ego

There is no such thing as being “good" at meditation. I know we love love love to assign good and bad to everything that we do but honey, that just doesn’t work with meditation. Meditation is a practice. An attempt. It is something you do to bring yourself closer to the core of who you are. There is no binary in meditation. There is only you and your attention, which is vast and constantly expanding. If you want to start meditating, let go of “being good” and make space for “good enough”.

2. Don’t Make It Precious.

Stop waiting for the perfect time, place, candle, meditation pillow, shawl, guide-WHATEVER. Just do it. And then do it again the next day. They say perfection is the enemy of progress and that applies hard af to mediation. I actually like to keep a list of all the weird places I’ve done it. So far that includes: a plane, trains, buses, a beach in Iceland, the desert, in an ER. See? It’s fun! Don’t make it precious. Make it yours.

3. Do Use Your Supercomputer!

You know that supercomputer in your pocket? Use it. If you’re serious about establishing a practice you’ll need someone to remind you. And in the immortal words of Jennifer Lopez, “I ain’t you mama.” But your phone can be! I suggest scheduling three reminders a day. Morning, noon, and night. Do not clear that final reminder until you have completed your meditation. I’ve meditated every day since August 24, 2017 and I STILL have two reminders a day on my phone. Just in case shit goes sideways. Set a reminder!

4. Connect To An Existing Daily Habit

TMI but for me this is my morning pee. Wake up, pee, sit. Done. But maybe that doesn’t work for you and your schedule? Maybe it’s after you get the mail, right before bed, or the five minutes in the parking lot before entering your workplace. IDGAF. This is your practice, attach it to whatever works best for you. You’re in charge.


I am very much a person who thrives on positive reinforcement and pleasure. So when I hit my first 100 days I bought myself my favorite bubbly as a treat. For 300 I made a date with a friend to go to the Olive Garden. For two years I threw a giant potluck party at the beach in Chicago. These are things I love. What do you love? Set a kind and reasonable goal and then reward yourself with that love. What do I mean by kind and reasonable? I mean ask yourself, “Considering my lifestyle, existing obligations, energy level, and current bandwidth, what is a goal that won’t make me feel like shit trying to achieve it?” We’re not in the shit making business. We’re in the meditation business! If you are brand spanking new to the practice try hitting 14 total sessions and celebrating. Do they need to be 14 days in a row? I don’t know, is that kind and reasonable to you? You decide! Hey, maybe you should meditate on it? ;-)

If you want to start or continue your practice you can Meditate With Me Wednesday, October 21st on Instagram Live at 3:00pm central with Guest Artist Jeff Binney. We’ll be meditating on procrastination! Be sure you’re following me on Instagram so you’ll be notified when we go live!

You can also follow me and listen to my meditations on Insight Timer (my preferred free meditation app!) and join me at Creative Power Hour Saturday, October 10th at 11:00 am central. Register for tickets here.

Want more guidance? Schedule your free 20 minute consultation here.

See you at the sit!

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