“If you gave your Inner Genius as much credence as your Inner Critic, you would be light years ahead of where you now stand.”-Alan Cohen


Ahhh the Inner Critic. Creativity and Growth’s most formidable enemy. The critic is such a strong part of our inner workings that even a few words from it can stop a great idea dead in it’s tracks. But what if you stopped fighting with the nasty voice in your head and instead became curious? What if you applied increased awareness, compassion, and a little bit of creativity to your Inner Critic’s harsh words?


Join The Compassionate Creative Coach, Shanna Shrum for Calming The Inner Critic-An Online Workshop to find out! In it we will gently examine what the Critic really wants and encourage your Inner Genius to shine brighter. Attendees can expect to meditate, create, connect, and walk away with a newfound understanding of their Inner Critic as well as tools to work with it more compassionately and effectively in the future.


*Please note that attendees will be responsible for gathering a few supplies prior to the workshop. Click here for a PDF listing everything you need . 


**If you are buying the workshop as a gift, please list the recipient's email at checkout!

Calming The Inner Critic-An Online Workshop


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