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Virtual Workplace Wellness

Compassion and Creativity for the entire team!

The mission of the compassionate creative coach virtual workplace wellness is to evoke your team’s highest most creative, authentic, and productive self through play, rest, meditation, curiosity, increased sense of safety, and self-compassion.

Shanna spent the entirety of The Great Recession working in the commercial real estate industry. She is very familiar with the stress and strain employees face during such uncertain times. Her experience managing and navigating that crisis along with her compassionate creative coaching and meditation expertise make her an excellent conduit for guiding teams of employees towards crafting their own personal wellness tool kits that benefit themselves and the workplace as a whole. 

Read on to discover the benefits, workshops, and continuing wellness programs available to you and your team. Then schedule a free 30 minute consultation to learn more about how Compassionate Creative Coaching can support your organization!


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"The work our team does is high pressure, and we knew we needed to provide our team with a way to recapture a bit of calm in their busy day. Shanna has provided tools our team can use daily to rebalance, as well as monthly sessions to reinforce these tools and introduce new ones. We are thrilled with the program and recommend it to individuals and businesses alike!"

-Kelly Jaggers, delegated Director of Talent Acquisition & HR 

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Company cultures that allow for play are better able to tap into the best in their employees, and employees themselves can bring more effectiveness into their work."-Forbes



"A growing body of evidence shows that taking regular breaks from mental tasks improves productivity and creativity — and that skipping breaks can lead to stress and exhaustion."-The New York Times



"Meditation may reduce prejudice, improve cognition, directly counteract stress and burnout, lead to better collaboration, curb emotional reactions, and boost memory."-Forbes



"Research shows that curiosity is vital to an organizations performance."-Harvard Business Review



"Feeling safe, secure and being able to work without the fear of negative consequences, even when you make a mistake, relies on feeling psychologically safe. It means people are comfortable being themselves. In psychologically safe workplaces, diversity is respected and personal risk-taking is encouraged."



"Research has demonstrated time and again, self-compassion helps us to better reach our goals and cooperate with, learn from, and lead others."-Berkeley University's Greater Good Magazine


Accessing Your Inner Genius Team Building Workshop

In this 90 minute online workshop attendees will be guided and invited to connect to the part of themselves that shines the brightest but might not get the most encouragement: The Inner Genius. Through meditation, creativity, and team connection, participants can expect to walk away with a newfound sense and awareness of their gifts as well as a deeper connection and appreciation for their fellow team members.


Creative Power Hour

In this 90 minute online workshop team members will be guided through a gentle meditation and then provided with a safe judgement free space to play, experiment, and create. Each Power Hour has its own theme. Prompts are created from that theme and offered to attendees to use in any way they like, to create whatever they choose. This workshop is an excellent way to provide employees with a well deserved break full of creativity and play. While also boosting self confidence and decision making skills.


Customizable Workshops

Does your team have a need that isn't quite addressed in the offerings above? Not to worry! Shanna has created workshops and meditations for companies based on their specific needs. Simply schedule your free Workplace Wellness consult to discuss your company's goals!



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Monthly Mindfullness

Help your team continue to deepen and cultivate their meditation practice with a live monthly guided meditation. All meditations will be recorded and made available internally to your employees.


Quarterly Connection

This package will provide your team with four 90 minute customized virtual workshops throughout the year. All workshops will be recorded and made available internally to your employees.


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